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National Democracy :)
National Democracy :)

I want you is different from I like you. I like you is different from I love you.

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This is me :) And it goes like this... Inspire me :) Quotations ^.^ YG thing! Architecture <3 Korean Drama

Don’t worry about a thing, cause every little thing gonna be alright~~ :”>


G-Dragon Fanart

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If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room

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Snow White. Bengal. Golden. White.


Snow White. Bengal. Golden. White.

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"When I first started with this team, the most surprising thing was that I’ve never seen someone like Dara, never seen someone like CL, never seen someone like Minzy. They’re all so different and it was so amazing to me.” - Bom

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Morning Walk by Rickuz

Morning Walk by Rickuz

Fans called her 8D alien when she’s being jolly or in hype. But she’s so fragile and emotional.

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Bom needs encouragement and acceptance not critics and bashing comments of people…

She’s not the only celebrity who’d been involved in drug scandal. Considering that it’s not literally a drug which makes people high, it’s for her own sake/health. 

Mistakes are meant to be learned and forgotten…

She withdraw her appearance in SBS Roommate (one of the reason why I’m watching it and then…) because of the scandal. She’s experiencing negative emotions but still continue her career as a singer - 2NE1 World Tour, YG Family Tour; and still some people said that she’s not ashamed? Isn’t she’s brave enough, strong enough to face people showing that 

"I can do this, it’s part of my trials as a singer/celebrity"

Hey, she needs money, she needs to continue her work. What now if she’d failed, it doesn’t mean she will be a failure forever. Scandals and issues are part of the industry she’s living now. And I think, she’s coping slowly and learned  something about this experience. At least, she’s getting stronger and continue her performances we want to see.

So, let’s help her to cheer up. Let’s help them (2NE1) to be encouraged and loved by us. Let’s continue our journey as a fan like how they continue their journey as singers/idols. 

Gladly, blackjacks have big hearts. *wink* <3

2NE1 Fighting! Nolja!


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That first gif though… When I’d watched that moment in Roommate, I can feel my tears running down my face too… i think, that simple encouragement from Seho’s mom really helps her and so much appreciated. 

And the last gif… yeah, I know what you feel that time… #2NE1TVSeason2

Park Bom, fighting! ^.^



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when you find them, keep them.


when you find them, keep them.


People need to realize that there are days when you’re not in the mood to talk or interact with anyone.

~ got that?

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